What You Should Know About Diamond Color

Color is one of the most important characteristics because it’s most easily seen than any other feature in a diamond. With that said, it all depends on what your priorities are. If you want the very best color then I would go with D, E or F these are all considered colorless however D will cost more than F.

If you want a great color diamond but feel like saving a little so you can get a larger diamond I would recommend going with a G. G is a bright white color and almost indistinguishable from D, E or F once it is set in a ring.

If your priorities are to have a diamond that doesn’t show a tint of color than I would go with H or I color, this way you can get an even larger diamond size at a lower cost. That leaves us with only one other diamond color to consider and it is J. J will show a tint color that is noticeable to most people in good lighting. However, if you’re most interested in getting the biggest diamond for the least amount of money going with J color makes this possible. If you have any other questions about diamond color please give us a call!