The Importance of Table Size

People often ask me what is a diamond’s table and what is a good table percentage. The table is the big flat facet on top of the diamond. The table facet is responsible for the amount of white light that is returned to your eye. If the table is too small the diamond will appear dark. If the table is big then the diamond will appear brighter. This doesn’t mean that you want a big table though.

The larger the table the less room for the facets that surround the table. The facets that surround the table or the crown facets are responsible for how much scintillation the diamond has. Scintillation is all the rainbow colors that you see when the diamond moves, so it is very important that you get just the right amount of whiteness or brightness combined with the right amount of scintillation and sparkle.

For this reason my first choice for a round brilliant diamond table percentage would be between 55% to 57%. My second choice would be a table percentage of 58% to 60%. Every diamond shape has a preferred table percentage so make sure you double check the recommendations on the diamond search page for the shape you’re looking for. If you have any questions regarding table percentage please give us a call today.