What You Should Know About Diamond Polish

Polish is graded as Excellent, Very GoodGoodFair and Poor. At NADB, we have chosen only to broker diamonds that have a Very Good or Excellent grade. Why? Because the polish grade is simply too important to the beauty of the diamond to settle for a lower grade.

When a GIA report says the diamond’s polish is good it’s misleading but if they give it a grade of just okay, which is what it is, not to many people would consider buying it. So what is polish? Polish is pretty simple to understand think of it the same you would as a polish on a car. Polish is most noticeable in the sun light. Cars without a meticulous polish will have a lack luster appearance. The ones with a detailed polish will have the best sheen. The same goes for a diamond. When a diamond cutter doesn’t take the time to get a Very Good or Excellent polish the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle is not going to be as bright as it should. Polish is not an area where you should settle for less than Very Good. If you have any other questions about polish please contact us today!