Diamond Fluorescence

One aspect of a diamond that most consumers don’t know about is fluorescence. Fluorescence is a naturally occurring event when a diamond is exposed to ultraviolet light. The sun is our greatest source of UV light and that is why fluorescence is so important.

Everyone wears their diamond in the sun. However you can see fluorescence most easily when you’re diamond is under a black light. The most common color emitted is blue but diamonds can fluoresce almost any color.

About 35 percent of all gem quality diamonds fluoresce under ultra violet light. all diamonds have some degree of fluorescence. The intensity of fluorescence is graded with the following terms: None, Faint, Medium, Strong and Very Strong.

So why is fluorescence important? Diamonds with Strong or Very Strong fluorescence can appear milky, cloudy or even oily in the sunlight. Of course, these diamonds are consider to be less than desirable in today’s market but sometimes fluorescence can be a good thing. Diamonds with Faint or Medium fluorescence can actually appear one shade brighter or whiter than their actual color grade when exposed to sunlight. This can be helpful if you’re considering a diamond with H, I or J color. Please contact us with any questions you may have about fluorescence.