What You Should Know About Diamond Clarity

This is a big topic! At NADB, we only broker diamonds with SI2 clarity or better. This is because we have chosen not to sell diamond with eye visible inclusions. With that said, its been my experience that some SI2 clarity diamonds have eye visible inclusions.

If you ask us for an SI2 clarity diamond the first thing we will do is ask the dealer if the diamond has eye visible inclusions, if it does we will let you know before the diamond is shipped in. If you choose a diamond with SI2 clarity you will be getting the most diamond possible for your money without seeing any inclusions.

If you want an ensure that your diamond won’t have any eye visible inclusions then I would recommend SI1 clarity. If you want even better clarity I would go with VS2 or VS1; these diamonds are considered to be well above average. The next highest clarity grades are VVS2 and VVS1, these diamonds have such small inclusions that it can be difficult even for a trained gemologist to see with a microscope. And finally if only the best will do then there is Internally Flawless and Flawless clarity.

My best advice on clarity is to match your clarity and color qualities. If you want VVS1 or VVS2 clarity you might consider going with D, E or F color. If you want VS1 and VS2 clarity then consider matching those with F, G or H color. If you want the biggest diamond for your money then you will want SI1 or SI2 clarity and H, I or J color. If you have any other questions about clarity please give us a call!