Lifetime Trade-In Guarantee

A diamond is forever, but your tastes change over time. Many of our customers decide they want a different shape or larger diamond in the future. We encourage you to follow your loose diamond desires by offering you a 100% trade-in allowance. For any loose diamond purchase, we will credit you the full purchase price toward any loose diamond that is at least 100% greater in value.  We offer you this guarantee because we want to be your loose diamond trade in dealer now and for years to come.

Here are the details of our Lifetime Loose Diamond Trade In Guarantee:

  • You will receive your full original purchase price of the loose diamond you purchased from NADB.
  • Your original loose diamond must be in original condition with no nicks or chips.
  • You must return the loose diamond with its original diamond grading report, and it must be in reusable condition.
  • Reports returned in poor condition may result in a fee.
  • Your new loose diamond must be at least 100% more in price than the purchase price of your original diamond.
  • You are eligible for your first loose diamond trade in two years after your original purchase date and every two years after that.

This guarantee cannot be sold or transferred to any other person or entity. For more information on our loose diamond trade in services, please contact the team at North American Diamond Brokers today!