Top Ten Questions To Ask When Finding Diamond Jewelers

When it comes time to look for trustworthy jewelers, you want to be sure that you ask yourself a set of key questions. Most of the time, you can’t just head down to the first jeweler you see and purchase a diamond ring – unless the person is vouched for by someone you trust. Most of the time, you have to do your due diligence, which requires a bit of hard work, or at least a lit bit of research and background checking. Here are the top ten questions to ask when finding diamond jewelers.


Is the jeweler a graduate gemologist or are you dealing with salespeople who call themselves jewelers?

Most jewelry stores are owned by graduate gemologists, but they often hire salespeople who aren’t. If the person helping you is not a graduate gemologist then there will be serious limitations to the amount of help they can provide. That’s why you want to make sure that you only buy jewelry from jewelers who are graduate gemologists.


Does the jeweler listen?

When you meet with different jewelers, there are going to be some that listen better than the others. Why do you want a jeweler that listens? – Well, you want him or her to take into account your major priorities, your budget, and the exact ways that you are and aren’t willing to compromise. If a jeweler doesn’t do this, you want to keep looking.


Is the jeweler knowledgeable about current trends?

A jeweler should also be extremely knowledgeable about different styles. He or she should know cuts, ring styles and more. If the jeweler doesn’t know what the pros and cons are of buying a trendy cut like a rose cut diamond, then you don’t want to purchase any kind of diamond from them.


Does the jeweler have ample inventory?

When visiting different jewelers, you will be seeing a lot of different diamonds. However, some jewelers will have more options with more organized ways of seeing those options. If you visit a diamond jeweler and they don’t have many diamonds to choose from, you should definitely move on.


Is the jeweler willing to sell uncertified diamonds?

If you meet a jeweler who offers to sell you diamonds that are not either GIA or AGS certified, then you cannot trust the certification on those diamonds, and it’s very unlikely that you can trust the jeweler. There are many other diamond labs out there that will certify diamonds, but many of them don’t operate with the highest levels of integrity.


Will the jeweler discourage you from using a third party appraiser?

Most jewelers will also help you determine the value of a diamond or a piece of jewelry. Also a trustworthy jeweler will be okay with you bringing on a third party appraiser. If you get push back or if you get intimidated, it’s a sign that you should continue your search for respectable jewelers.


What kinds of metals does the jeweler sell?

Most jewelers will use gold, silver, platinum or palladium. The quality and the purity of the metals they work with will say a lot about the value of their jewelry. When you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you usually want either 18 karat gold, platinum or palladium.


Does the jeweler offer returns of exchanges?

Ideally, you want your jeweler to have some kind of return policy. Moreover, this return policy should be written somewhere in the store and on their website. You should always have some time to return the piece of jewelry you bought.


What kind of services does the jeweler offer?

Some jewelers will merely sell jewelry. However, other jewelers will offer a cleaning service, a remounting service or even a buy back service. Ideally, you want to purchase from a jeweler that you will want to return to for years.


Is the jeweler trustworthy?

On top of everything, you want your jeweler to be trustworthy. Of course, you want to use your instincts on this, but you really want to feel like you are purchasing a piece of jewelry from someone that you can imagine being friends with. If you feel like you can’t tell, you may want to bring a friend. In the end, it’s a big decision, so you want to do whatever you can to ensure you’re purchasing from the right jeweler.

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