The Top 3 Trending Diamond Shapes of 2015

In the early 2000s, you just couldn’t watch a proposal on TV or in the movies that didn’t include a princess cut diamond. Princess cuts were all the rage, and for good reason. With their high degree of light return and brilliance, these bold squares burst out onto the scene in the same way that we all burst into the new millennium – like a viral video launched into a world imbued with wireless free Internet, social media and Bluetooth.

However, just as we’ve decided to scale back with some of the louder proclamations of advancement, like wearing Bluetooth headsets, riding Segways, and sporting Google glasses – we’ve also discovered some new ways to grab attention. This century is gearing up for its quinceñera, which means its time to start exploring a more mature look. How mature? We’re talking great grandmother mature. We’re talking vintage! Vintage diamond engagement rings are trending in a big way with influences that range from Edwardian to art deco. In order to have a truly elegant and timeless engagement ring, you have to start with the right shaped diamond. Here are the top 3 trending diamond shapes of 2015.


An emerald cut diamond is cut in the exact same way as an emerald, hence the name. This cut creates a hall of mirrors effect, which reflects a lot of light. Although, it lacks the fiery scintillation that many other shapes possess. Also, due to its long, flat cuts, inclusions are often much more visible. Then again, if you intend to find an internally flawless stone, you might just want to show it off. And honestly, what’s the point of being flawless if you’re not going to flaunt it?


Developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, this shape is much like an emerald cut, but with pronounced corners that emphasize brilliance and clarity. An Asscher cut diamond is typically square shaped with a distinct faceting that sharply contrasts light and dark planes with an elegant brilliance. Asscher cut diamonds have a shape that lends itself well not only to vintage and antique designer engagement rings, but they also work well in more contemporary designs.


A cushion cut diamond looks exactly the way it sounds – like a full, round cushion. It is the chameleon of diamond shapes. Its not so round, not so square shape makes it great for just about any kind of ring. If you’re familiar with cushion cut diamonds, you’ve probably been seeing cushion halos all over the place lately. A cushion halo is a fantastic way to amplify the sparkle of your diamond exponentially. By placing a halo of smaller diamonds around the center stone, light is refracted from dozens of neighboring diamond facets at once, which truly gives a wedding ring an undeniable pop.

Aside from the way that these diamond shapes work with current designer engagement ring trends, their popularity is most certainly on the rise for loose diamond investors. With the current rise in the economy, not only are people starting to invest in loose diamonds with fervor, but also many couples are choosing to upgrade their rings as a symbolic renewal of their vows.

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