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The Most Popular 2016 Designers of Engagement Rings

When it comes to designer engagement rings, there is a lot of bad and there is some good. It’s like anything – a city may have a hundred restaurants, but only a few are even worth trying. Well, you could say the same thing about engagement ring designers. If you are reading this article, you are in luck, because we are going to explore some of the most popular designers in the world of engagement rings. Sometimes, it can be easiest to go for the most popular, because the designs are contemporary, but timeless and you don’t have to sift through a ton of duds to get to the good stuff. Here are some of the most popular engagement ring designers in the jewelry business today.


Sylvie Collection

“By a woman for a woman” is Sylvie Collection’s motto. If you look at a lot of diamond rings, you may notice how masculine a lot of these feminine rings really look. Well, with Sylvie Collection, which is designed by a woman, you get timeless, versatile and sophisticated rings that will fit any bride’s style and taste. Plus, Sylvie has made restyling her specialty and any ring can be customized.



Ritani is another one of those jewelry designers that makes it easy to find a sophisticated, beautiful diamond engagement ring for your special day. Ritani is a relatively new company – it was founded in 1999 – but the rings and diamonds they offer are classic in the sense that they can be worn through any fashion era. Plus, Ritani offers some great vintage designer rings that are even more timeless.



If you are looking for designer engagement rings that are made by hand with love, look no further than Tacori. Tacori’s engagement rings are made in California by highly skilled and trained artisans. What you get is a diamond engagement ring that looks like a true work of art that was made with love.  Plus, you can rest easy that your diamond engagement ring wasn’t made in some far flung corner of the world – it was made pretty much right here at home.


Claude Thibaudeau

Claude Thibaudeau doesn’t like to be called by his last name – call him by his first name. This familiarity is inherent in all of his amazing diamond engagement ring designs. Claude grew up in the jewelry trade and started to make his own jewelry in the basement of his home. Over the years, his designs have become highly renowned. In fact, he has won the prestigious La Griffe D’or award that is only given to the most exceptional of engagement ring designs. In the end, if you are looking for true designer engagement rings, Claude Thibaudeau’s collections may do this trick for your bride to be.

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