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The Most Expensive Diamonds Ever Sold At Auction

The allure of expensive diamonds goes back centuries. They have long been hailed as the most valuable and sought after jewels alongside gold. The mythology and magic that surrounds diamonds can be attributed to their scarcity and their natural beauty. Nothing is quite so brilliant as a pristine diamond. As with any natural wonder, some are simply more perfect than others, and diamonds are no exception to this rule. Some diamonds have such a mystical air of perfection that their value soars and their legend grows with it. Here’s a little background on some of the world’s most expensive diamonds ever sold at auction.


Wittelsbach Graff

The Wittelsbach-Graff diamond is a deep blue, almost flawless diamond weighing in at a whopping 31.06 carats or 6.212 grams. Originally simply known as the Wittelsbach Diamond, it was 35 carats with VS2 quality and was a part of the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels. In December 2008 the diamond was sold to Laurence Graff for $23.4 million, which at the time was the highest price ever paid for a diamond. However, the diamond was then reportedly sold to the emir of Qatar, Sheik Hamad Bin Chalifa for over $80 million.


Pink Star Diamond

The Pink Star Diamond, once known at the Steinmetz Pink, was mined by De beers back in 1999 in South Africa. Weighing 59.60 carats, it has been rated Fancy Vivid Pink and is the largest known diamond to be rated so highly in color. In 2007 the Pink Star was sold privately for an undisclosed amount but in November 2013, Sotheby’s auctioned the diamond for a whopping $83 million, a world record for any gemstone ever sold. However, it was recently reported that the Pink Star diamond sale hasn’t officially been settled by the buyer and therefore remains in the Sotheby’s inventory.


Graff Vivid Pink Diamond (or the Graff Pink)

The Graff Pink is an extremely rare 24 carat vivid pink diamond and is mounted to a ring. Once owned by celebrity jeweler Harry Winston, the diamond ended up being sold in Geneva at Sotheby’s Auction House for $46 million and became the most expensive jewel ever sold at that time.


The Princie

The Princie diamond was discovered more than 300 years ago in the Golconda mines and weighs 34.65 carats in total. It is said to be the third largest pink diamond in the world and it fetched $36 million dollars at a Christie’s auction back in 2013.


The Orange Diamond (or Pumpkin Diamond)

The Pumpkin diamond weighs a modest 5 Carats, which compared the the aforementioned gemstones, may seem like a very small number. However, the Pumpkin diamond is considered one of the rarest diamonds in the world due to it’s fancy vivid Orange color. It is currently estimated to be valued at $3 million.

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