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The Best Vintage Engagement Ring Designers

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that carries timeless style, history and heritage then you’re likely in the market for an antique or vintage piece. The vintage engagement ring has become one of the most popular ways to pop the big question to your loved one. With vintage style, comes ornate design details, and an air of sophistication that cannot be matched today. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a classic vintage engagement ring. There are a few designers today who are truly on the cutting edge when it comes to vintage jewelry design.


A Jaffe

A Jaffe engagement rings are some of the most exquisite pieces available on the market today. Whether it be in vintage form or modern, A Jaffe engagement rings are masterfully crafted and meticulously designed individual works of art. A Jaffe has been in operation since 1892, so their techniques and timeless style give their range or jewelry a real vintage flavor.



Californian based Tacori has made a huge impact on the engagement ring market in recent years. Their modern approach and practices make them popular amongst the young of heart, but the classic californian dream is apparent in their beautiful vintage collection.


Sylvie Collection

If you want to give your bride the gift of eternal love, past and present, you can’t look past the Sylvie Collection vintage engagement ring, these rings are truly memorable and utterly mesmerizing. Sylvie Collection has a knack for sourcing highly detailed and ornate vintage rings, rich in history and beaded accents.


Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth has an overwhelmingly vast collection of vintage rings, so if you’re looking for a vast range to compare and contrast, then you should check out their online catalogue. All of their stunning antique rings originate from the romantic eras of the past and carry that essence with them to the modern era.

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