The Best Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

The cake has been ordered, the wedding party is booked, you’ve chosen the rings, the invites are sent, your dress fits like a glove and the in-laws are happy…. but something’s missing… The BRIDESMAIDS! For all their hard work and emotional support during your rollercoaster, once-in-a-lifetime wedding day, they really do deserve something for all of their efforts. So let’s raise a glass to the girls and shower them with gifts! Here’s a few suggestions for great bridesmaids gifts that’ll be sure to keep that smile on their gorgeous faces.

It’s hard work, being a bride and planning a wedding, and it’s not much easier being a maid of honor and co-planning a wedding. By the end of it all, you’re ready for some serious pampering and relaxation. So how about you treat your bridesmaids to a gift certificate to a luxury Day Spa. Not a bad way to unwind after the big day. Nothing says “thank you dear friend” quite like a hair and beauty makeover at a local salon, or a beauty gift package.

Or if you’re more the creative type, something with that extra personal touch can really do the trick nicely. A hand bound photo album, containing photographs of all of your favorite moments together, is a beautiful way to celebrate some of your best friends of all time.

Now, presumably, you know these girls better than I do, so play to their passions! What do they really love to do with their time? Or what have they always dreamed of doing, but have never had the chance to experience? How about ballroom dance classes, or salsa lessons? A subscription to a niche creative magazine or tickets to see a show are always great ways to inspire a good friend.

Last, but certainly not least, you can always wine and dine them. Treat them to a meal out at their favorite restaurant, or buy them a nice bottle of bubbly and some deluxe chocolates. You could even offer to cook them a homemade feast and share some classic recipes with them in the process.You might want to give it a week or two after the wedding though, because i’m sure they’ll want a detox after all the wedding day eating and libations!

Oh, and here’s something you might want to keep in mind: whoever caught the bouquet should receive the best gift, for they’ll be the ones giving out the bridesmaids gifts next!

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