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The 5 Best Places To Tie The Knot

Planning a wedding in your hometown can be a challenging task to say the least. The guestlist can become enormous pretty quickly, and if you start cutting it down, you’re bound to offend a distant cousin whose name you can barely remember. So, what better way to avoid all the drama, than to get hitched in an exotic location far far away from home? Here is a list of ideal locations for the perfect dream wedding.


Dubai Miracle Garden

This place truly has to be seen to be believed. It’s like walking into Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderlands shared secret garden. If you’re looking for that extra magical, and maybe even a little surreal, wedding then look no further than the Dubai Miracle Garden. There are flowers of every color and hedges sculpted into tunnels made of love hearts.


Santiago De Compostela

Located in the sunny Galacia region of Spain, Santiago De Compostela is the ideal medieval European town for a picturesque wedding. It houses the incredible Romanesque Cathedral, Santiago De Compostela, which is the shrine of St James the Great after he led a pilgrimage there in the 9th century. If you’re looking to tie the knot in a classical, and perhaps Catholic, wedding then Santiago De Compostela could be the perfect destination for you and a small group of your nearest and dearest.


La Tartaruga Sabina

Another beautiful region located in Italy, just outside of Rome, is Sabina. If you’re looking for less of the medieval and more of the Italian countryside, then renting a villa in Sabina might be your best bet. La Tartaruga Sabina is a stunning villa which is almost solely devoted to wedding ceremonies, so you can be sure you’re getting the right treatment on your big day.


San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio is one of the most popular regions of Belize. The nearby Mayan ruins and caves make it the ideal wedding destination for all those explorer types. In fact, you can even tie the knot inside one of these ancient Mayan temples. The San Ignacio resort is a magnificent hotel located by the Macal River and just a short distance away from the national parks.


New Zealand Tree Church

This one is great for all you outdoor types. New Zealand is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world, whether you’re looking to hike, ski or skydive. The Tree Church is exactly what you’d expect with a name like that. It’s a church, made entirely from trees and it’s absolutely gorgeous. So if you’re looking to tie the knot amongst nature, then be sure to book a trip to New Zealand for your special day.

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