Tacori: Handcrafted Designer Jewelry Made By California Artisans

When you’re looking for that perfect engagement ring for your loved one or even if you’re buying something special for yourself, it can be difficult to find something that truly stands out from the crowd. You might need to look a little beneath the surface to find what you’re looking for. Beyond all the chain stores and high end luxury stores, there’s an emerging scene of jewelry designers that are setting new standards in style. Tacori might just be leading the pack when it comes to this.


California Dreamin’

Based out of California, and channeling that magical spirit and energy of the golden state, Tacori designs handcrafted designer jewelry, specializing in everything from diamond engagement rings and vintage engagement rings to men’s cufflinks and money clips, so no matter what unique item you’re searching for, you’re going to find it, and it’s going to be beautiful.


High standards

Tacori creates some of the most intricately handcrafted artisan jewelry on the world market today. Tacori’s specialists individually inspect and certify each individual piece to meet the most rigorous standards of quality and beauty. Every gemstone that Tacori uses is ethically sourced, certifiably Conflict-Free and approved by the World Diamond Council.


The Signature

Tacori’s signature ring collection is defined by a unique design element. They call it the crescent silhouette and it consists of several interlocking half-moon arcs, which provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each crescent silhouette semi-circle. It’s a truly unique design that acts as a stamp of quality and authenticity. You’re not just buying a gift, you’re buying into history after all.


Diamond Engagement Ring

Bright and luminous, Tacori’s classic engagement ring is a creation composed entirely of gleaming princess cut diamonds, set along the ceiling and surrounding the center diamond for the ultimate expression of devotion and love. No matter what design you prefer, your engagement ring can be fit for diamonds of various cuts and sizes and is available in Platinum, as well as 18k White, Yellow and Rose Gold.


Vintage Engagement Ring

The endlessly chic vintage style engagement ring is always popular among bohemian and creative types. this brand has truly harnessed that classic style in many of their collections, whilst bringing it into the modern realm by subtly updating the designs. So if you’re looking for something with vintage appeal, that has all the attributes of a brand new jewel, then it’s hard to look past a Tacori engagement rings.

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