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Synthetic Diamonds: Are They Actually A Good Substitute for the Real Thing?

Over the past few years, the diamond industry has gone through a bit of a revolution. The market has been rocked by inflated prices, corporate greed, monopolization and unethical mining practices. This is where synthetic diamonds come in. Marketed as the answer to blood diamonds, synthetic diamonds have been hailed as the hero. However, more and more light is being shone on these stones and they aren’t so great after all. Here are some essential reasons why synthetic diamonds aren’t a good substitute for the real thing.


Dishonest Marketing and Advertising

A lot of the synthetic diamond companies selling knock-off rocks market their product as the sustainable alternative to the real thing. However, many of these companies aren’t doing much for the real diamond industry. In fact, much of their marketing efforts are taking away from the real problem at hand, which are unfair labor practices at some diamond mines. Instead of fixing a problem, they are simply coming up with an entirely new solution, which may be taking food off the plates of many diamond miners who rely on that income to feed their families.

They Decrease In Value

Diamonds of the synthetic variety are made in a lab, which means that there is basically an infinite supply of them. Back to the marketing efforts of these synthetic diamond dealers, many of them aren’t telling consumers that the diamond they are buying will decrease in value over time. A real diamond will increase in value, which makes the real thing an excellent investment. By not divulging some of these truths about the value of lab produced diamonds, synthetic brokers are deluding the public and engaging in unfair marketing tactics.


They Just Aren’t The Real Thing

On top of everything, a synthetic diamond comes with the connotations that you would expect: it just isn’t the real thing. There is nothing quite like a rare natural gemstone – knowing that it spent millions, if not billions, of years traveling through the earth to reach your finger. Then there’s the sparkle. While a synthetic diamond puts on a good front, it just doesn’t come close to the sparkle of an authentic diamond. For all these reasons, you may want to think twice about purchasing a synthetic diamond, especially if you are trying to make a smart investment.  

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