Sylvie collection: A Pioneer In Affordable Luxury Design

The term Affordable Luxury might seem like an oxymoron at first glance. “How can a luxury item be affordable?” You might ask. Isn’t luxury expensive? Isn’t that just the point? Well, Sylvie Collection is here to bust that myth, once and for all. Sylvie is a true pioneer when it comes to affordable luxury jewelry.

Who is Sylvie? Yes Sylvie is a person. She was born into a family of diamond dealers in Antwerp, Belgium, the world epicenter of the diamond trade. She met her husband (who was also born into a diamond family) at a diamond conference, and they soon partnered to form Sylvie Collection. Sylvie has dedicated her career to designing sophisticated, gorgeous diamonds to suit any price range. Her commitment to this has set her apart from the rest. She has a personal touch and believes that the relationships that she builds with her clients – to help them find the perfect engagement ring – is what brings her the most satisfaction.



Sylvie has become a master restyler of engagement rings. She upgrades vintage jewelry with only the most exquisite craftsmanship. Her collection of vintage engagement rings is truly second to none. For that extra special piece that carries history, and timelessness, her vintage collection really has to be seen to be believed. Not to mention, her halo diamond engagement rings, which are making a huge comeback with celebrity A-listers. It should also be noted that all of her diamond rings are always made with platinum 14 or 18K white, yellow or rose gold.

One of the most important, yet often most overlooked, attributes to look out for when choosing a jewelry designer, is whether or not the they maintain ethical business practices. Sylvie has committed herself to sourcing her metals from mines that are EPA compliant and partnering with brokers who are committed to ethically sourced diamonds. So, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality ring from the best quality source. This is really a special point to keep in mind. With over 1000 different settings and fourteen different collections to choose from, you have an incredibly wide selection of beautiful, ethically sourced rings. No wonder Sylvie is a two-time award winner. The industry is really starting to take note of this trend-setting new diamond jewelry super star.

So when you’re looking for that perfect engagement ring for that special someone, whether it be new or vintage, high-end or affordable, you really can’t look past the affordable luxury jewelry of the Sylvie Collection. Look no further, everybody, Sylvie is the original diamond in the rough.

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