Some Different Proposal Styles To Pop The Question In Style

Popping the question can be a huge, daunting experience. Just the thought of it can send someone into a panic attack of epic proportions. However, if you are afraid of the whole surprise and planning element of popping the question, you may want to go for a different style. Of course, you want to go for a proposal style that fits your personality – anything else and you may be more nervous than you have to be. Here are some different proposal styles to pop the question in style.

The Right Away

Some people plan and others don’t – it’s as simple as that. If you fit in the latter category, you may want to go for this proposal style. Basically, you pop the question and run off to elope. No planning. No forethought. You just jump right into it. Of course, you want to be fairly certain that you’ll get a ‘yes,’ before you pop the question this way, because you may be fairly depressed if she says ‘no.’


The Big Surprise

This is probably the most common way to pop the question, but it can take a lot of preparation. This is not something you can just pull off. For the surprise, you want to plan something huge. For instance, you could rent a biplane and have the proposal shoot out in a chem trail. You may want to invite everyone you know to a certain location and make it look like just any old party and then, wham, you pop the question. If you are into planning big statements, this may be the way to go and it will be memorable.


The Getaway

This is by far one of the most romantic ways to propose. If you want it to definitely be a surprise, then you should wait until there is a specific reason to go on a weekend getaway: birthday, Valentine’s day, even a government holiday like Memorial Day weekend works, so long as you both have an extra day off. If you don’t mind your partner getting suspicious and excited, then you can plan your getaway on any old weekend. Just make sure you go somewhere beautiful and romantic, and make sure that you plan the perfect moment to get down on one knee.


The Candid Camera

Want to plan a proposal that you and your future spouse will truly remember? Then why not find a friend to secretly capture the proposal on video so that you can remember the exact expression on her face forever? In this situation, you have to find a way to either set up a hidden camera, or propose in a place where lots of phones or cameras are expected. For example, if you propose on her birthday, then you could put a ring on top of her birthday cake and when everyone is singing happy birthday and holding their cameras up to take pictures of her blowing out the candle, you have a perfect opportunity to catch her surprise when she sees the ring and hears you propose.


The Ringless Proposal

This proposal is one that has to be very meticulously planned, it’s also one that has to come completely out of the blue. It’s spontaneous, magical, wild and fun. And usually in these instances – when you do something spontaneous – your partner will be completely unprepared. You also need to have the type of bond with your partner that doesn’t necessitate a ring in this kind of moment. In the end, you can pick out an engagement ring together if she says yes.

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