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Should You Buy Loose Diamonds?

Everyone has seen those movies where the diamond broker or dealer hides a few gemstones in a secret compartment in a dress shoe, in a beehive hair-do, or in a steel suitcase. It may seem strange, but the majority of the world’s diamonds are transported between jewelry designers in a loose fashion – maybe not in a shoe, but in certified mail or by a personal carrier, depending on the value of the diamond. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, you may want to  know whether you should purchase a loose diamond for mounting, or purchase a pre-mounted diamond. The former seems like such a hassle. However, there are actually a lot of benefits to purchasing loose. Here are some things to think about before purchasing loose diamonds.


With Loose Diamonds, You Can’t Cash And Carry

Cash and carry basically means that you purchase something and walk out the door. With a cash and carry diamond, you find a ring with a pre-mounted gemstone, find the ring size you want and you go home; simple as that. With a loose diamond, you have to purchase the diamond and then find a jewelry maker to mount the diamond to a ring. That process could take a lot longer and some people don’t have the time or the patience. Although, others prefer to put a lot of effort into finding the perfect diamond before mounting it.


Loose Diamonds Allow You Quality Control

When you purchase a pre-mounted diamond ring, you never know if you got the best quality stone for your money. With loose diamonds, you can use a loupe to look through all of the stones and really find one that speaks to you. Sometimes it can be nice to have this control. If you know a thing or two about diamonds, you may be able to weed out the diamonds with flaws or inclusions. You can’t really do this with a diamond that already has a ring attached to it.


With A Loose Diamond The Options Are Endless

When you got to a jewelry store, you will be presented by a lot of options when it comes to rings. However, soon enough those options will run out. If you have a very specific idea for a ring, you may not be able to find that ring in reality. With a loose diamond, you can mount the diamond on any ring you like, and you can take your time to find the perfect ring together. Moreover, if you want a vintage heirloom, you could have the loose diamond mounted on that antique ring.


It’s Harder to Propose With A Loose Diamond

You may be wondering: “How do I propose with a loose diamond?” This is a very good question and one that gets asked a lot. The simple answer is that it’s actually easier than you think. In fact, loose diamonds may be the best for proposing, because you can purchase an affordable solitaire ring that can be swapped out later. You can propose with the temporary and then take her in to find the ring of her dreams. In the end, this is the best way to get a “yes” without wasting a bunch of money on a diamond engagement ring that she doesn’t like.

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