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Ruby: The Story Behind July’s Birthstone

The word Ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber”, which simply means red, but the ancient Hindus called the Ruby “Rajnapura”, which translates to the king of the gems. The ruby is indeed one of the most prized and valuable gemstones of all. It was once considered to have special powers, and was even used as a shield against evil spirits if worn by royalty. If it’s red coloring became more intense, then danger was near, but when the evil spirits went away, the ruby would restore itself to its original shade. Some ancient tribes believed that the ruby, when ground down into a powder and ingested, was a cure for indigestion, while other tribesmen believed that the ruby could boil water instantly. In Ancient Greece, it was said that if a ruby jewelry worn on the left hand, it would bring good fortune to the wearer, making a ruby ring the perfect engagement ring.


Whether or not you choose to believe the folklore and mythology is up to you, but you’ll have to agree that it all adds to the majesty and mystery of the ruby. The ruby, and subsequently ruby jewelry, is now associated with passion and everlasting romance, due to its glowing red color that can never be extinguished. It is found in crystal form within metamorphic rock and is a variety of the Corundum mineral, which is the second strongest mineral, after diamonds. In fact, a ruby is actually a red sapphire. Sapphire comes in a vast spectrum of colors, but only when the sapphire is red, does it become a true ruby. The more red the ruby, the more valuable it is.


Ruby jewelry is the ultimate gift of everlasting love. The color red is often associated with passion, love and other things pertaining to the heart, so what better way to express one’s love than by giving the gift of a ruby necklace or ruby earrings. The Gregorian Calendar Poems state it quite clearly:  “The glowing ruby shall adorn / Those who in July are born / Then they’ll be exempt and free / From love’s doubts and anxiety…”


So that settles it, the Ruby shall be adorned by those who are born in the month of July, and what better way to celebrate that date, than with a stunning piece of designer ruby jewelry, because nothing says I love you better than that bright burning red gemstone.

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