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Royal Jewels To Look Out For While Watching The Crown

Why are we so obsessed with the British monarchy? There is something so magical and dreamlike about imagining the life of a king, queen, prince or princess in a royal mansion. If you’ve seen The Crown on Netflix, you know that this obsession is only getting more intense. You may have also noticed some of those gorgeous royal jewels. Diamond brooches, crowns, tiaras and more – its enough to make you drool all over your snuggy. Here are some of our favorite royal jewels from The Crown.


The Diamond Flame Lily Brooch

One of the most prominent diamond jewelry pieces on The Crown is the diamond flame lily brooch that was given to the queen by the children of Rhodesia – once a British territory and which is now basically Zimbabwe – after the death of her father, the king. Often called The Rhodesian Flame Lily Brooch, this gorgeous piece of jewelry was a 21st birthday gift.


The Coronation Ring

One of the central focuses of The Crown is the queen’s struggle to balance her personal life with her husband and children, and the responsibilities of being queen. No other piece of jewelry summed this up more than the coronation ring, which is worn separately from the wedding ring. The stone, a step-cut sapphire set in gold, is overlaid with rubies, which makes it look a little like a crown. Created in the 1800s, the ring is a true heirloom and one of the more valuable jewels featured on The Crown.


The Heirloom Tiara Worn On Her Wedding Day

Another gorgeous piece from the royal jewels worn by the Queen is the tiara she wore on her wedding day. The tiara, which could also be worn as a necklace, was created for her mother in 1919. The diamonds on the tiara were borrowed from an earlier necklace that was given as a wedding gift. In real life, the queen accidentally snapped the tiara in half – emergency jewelers were dispatched on the scene to make repairs.


A Tiara Worn For The Special Occasion Of Winston Churchill’s Farewell

Another gorgeous tiara is the one that Queen Elizabeth wore to Winston Churchill’s farewell dinner. Called the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, the tiara, like most of the royal jewels, has been passed down through the family for over a hundred years. The tiara is made from precious royal diamonds and pearls. Later in the real queen’s life, she gave the diamond encrusted tiara to Princess Diana who wore it regularly to official functions.


The Imperial State Diadem

At the end of the season, the queen can be seen wearing an elaborate crown – called The Imperial State Diadem. She is wearing it for her official portrait, taken by Cecil Beaton, after her coronation. Originally made by Bridge & Rundell in 1820, the Diadem is made with over 1,400 diamonds and one 4-carat yellow diamond. It is also lined with pearls. The Diadem has been worn by every queen at major events for last three centuries.

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