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Pros and Cons of Antique Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond engagement ring can be one of the most delicate and important buying decisions of your entire life. Indeed, you have a lot on the line. Not only do you not want to spend a lot of money – you also want to make a good investment. You want to find somebody who really knows their antique engagement rings. Also, you don’t want to purchase an engagement ring that your fiancé won’t like. When it comes to buying an antique diamond ring, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying an antique diamond engagement ring.

Pro: Antique Engagement Rings Are Beautiful

Starting off, it should be noted that antique engagement rings are beautiful. This is mostly because of the mounting ring. If the diamond was from a particular era, there may be flourishes and details that just can’t be replicated by artisans of today. Sure, the diamond may not be as sparkly – because diamonds were cut differently then – but you will have a piece of history in a way, especially if the diamond was from a prominent family or from a special time and place.

Con: It May Be Hard To Find A New Mount For An Antique Diamond

Because diamonds were cut differently back in the day, it can be hard to find a new mount, if you are looking for a new mount. Indeed, the mounting ring may be a little worse for wear or it may not fit, so you may need to find a new one. If the diamond is antique, finding a new mount may be impossible. There is the option of having one made, but this can be expensive and many jewelry makers won’t create mounts for diamonds that old.

Pro: Antique Diamonds Can Be One of A Kind

Of course, if you want a one of a kind diamond that may have a really amazing provenance, antique may be the way to go. Indeed, the diamond you are buying may be from a royal family or from a certain diamond jewelry cutter that is well known. Those who are in the trade of buying and selling antique engagement rings are always sure to get the provenance down. If you don’t have the provenance or back story, the value of the diamond ring may dip significantly.

Con: Antique Diamonds May Not Be Worth Anything

Speaking of worth, some antique engagement rings may not be worth much and may not gain value in the future. Older diamonds were cut with older tools, so things like brilliance and fire may be quite low in the ratings. Plus, it can be really hard to resell an antique diamond engagement ring. Just look at all the research you are doing to purchase the diamond. Imagine the legwork you’ll have to do when sell it off. In the end, it may be a safer investment to purchase a newer diamond, if not a brand new diamond that has the right certification.

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