Peridot: The Story Behind August’s Birthstone.

If you’re born in the month of August, you’re lucky enough to be born to the Peridot birthstone. This light green stone, sometimes mistaken for emeralds, is one of the more unique gemstones on the market today. It gives off a natural olive green color and the intensity of the green is determined by how much iron is contained in the crystal structure. Occasionally, a particularly iron rich peridot will appear to be lime green, while some will be almost yellow in color. The word peridot derives from the Greek word, “Faridat”, which simply means “gem.”


Originally mined in Hawaii, the peridot was thought to be the tears of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and lava. This is due the the fact that, like most gemstones, it is formed deep inside the earth and brought to the surface by volcanic eruption. It is said to bring the wearer a fruitful year of power and influence as well as containing the magical ability to ward off nightmares, envy and depression. In some cultures, peridot is said to help gain divine inspiration, strengthen the effects of medicine and even improve one’s speech!


These days, the peridots are most commonly found in Arizona, as well as China, Pakistan, Nevada, New Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Egypt and Myanmar. It has also been known to turn up in Pallasite meteorites too. In fact, a famous Pallasite peridot was auctioned for $3 million in April 2008. The largest cut peridot olivine is a 310 carat (62g) specimen which is now on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.


Though the stone is not commonly used in the design of engagement rings and wedding rings, it’s normally used in high-end designer earrings and bracelets, while smaller stones are now often used in beaded necklaces.


If you’re looking for something extra special for that special someone born in the month of August, then a piece of jewelry with their birthstone is always very special. Peridots are also traditionally given as a 16th wedding anniversary gift, so it could be extra special if your spouse of 16 years was born in August.

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