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To The Moon And Stars: Fall And Winter Diamond Jewelry Trends

When it comes to diamond jewelry trends, there are a lot of options out there, but you never know if you are actually getting valuable advice. Plus, you don’t want to go too trendy, or else your diamond jewelry may be out of fashion one day. However, this season we are seeing a specific trend – one that has been a staple of jewelry design for hundreds of years, but is always changing. That trend has to do with the sun, the stars, the moon and other celestial shapes. We are also seeing a number of other trends that are just as interesting. Here are some of the most popular fall and winter diamond jewelry trends.


Celestial Shapes

One of the most popular diamond jewelry trends this fall and winter has to do with celestial shapes. Not only moons and stars, but also planets and other objects that have to do with outer space. Part of this has to do with a renewed interested in outer space and recent visits to Mars and Saturn. This is interesting, because the mix of diamonds, gemstones, and other materials create of a marriage of stunning details that is an ode to the great unknown – it’s also very glamorous.


Raw Materials

Another trend this fall and winter has to do with raw materials. Instead of polished gold, you have rough gold with all the flaws included. We’re also seeing unpolished gemstones and other metals that are constructed in their raw form and designed to make an almost anti-statement. In the past, diamond jewelry with precious stones had to be polished and refined, but these days, it’s the imperfections that count.


Large Statement Pieces

Another one of our favorite diamond jewelry trends that is hitting the runways has to do with large statement pieces. These jewelry pieces are larger than life and are more like central pieces instead of accessory. Not only are people wearing large statement pieces – they are also layering these pieces to make an even grander statement. Of course, you have to be brave to make this big of a statement, but you’ll definitely be proving how fashionable you are and that is really the only thing that matters.


A-Symmetric Shapes

Following the same trend, people are also getting tired of symmetry and opening up to the idea of a-symmetrical shapes. When it comes to diamond jewelry, sometimes you don’t want something that lines up so perfectly – sometimes you want jewelry with imperfect edges or dimensions. Not only is this different, it can also be really glamorous, especially if you pair it with an outfit or evening wear that is very symmetrical.


Silver Everything

On top of everything, silver jewelry is becoming big again. Of course, silver jewelry has always been popular, but this fall and winter silver jewelry is flooding the mood boards for many different jewelry designers. The best part about silver jewelry is that it looks great with different colored diamonds and other gemstones. In the end, silver also looks great with any outfit or ensemble.

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