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Some Diamond Buying Tips From The Experts

In previous articles, we’ve offered some buying tips for loose diamonds that can help you make a smarter purchase, but what about the tips that experts offer to each other? Indeed, the diamond industry is shrouded in mystery and many of the expert tips you get will be beneficial to the seller of the diamond and not the customer. However, there are some tidbits of advice that will help you, the customer, make an even smarter buying decision. If you want to avoid getting hit with a scam, it is important to heed this advice. Here are some diamond buying tips from the experts.


Round Is Always Maintains Value

Round brilliant cut diamonds will always maintain their value and they will always be in style. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, you may want to go with a round diamond, because it can be set the easiest and it will be easier to resell if things go south. Plus, a vivid white round diamond tends to have the most sparkle or wow factor, which is what other diamond sellers are always trying to emphasize when they are showing their customers a variety of loose diamonds.


Skip The Newer, Trendier Colors

Colored diamonds tend to fetch high prices, especially if they are a super rare color, like pink or blue. These diamonds will be a lot easier to resell and they will generally hold on to their value. However, if you go for a new popular color, you may as well flush your cash down the drain. These colors include cognac, chocolate or champagne. Of course, if you have a preference for these colors, that is perfectly fine. But you should know that these tend to be the loose diamonds with poor color grades that have been rebranded with fancy names. 


Synthetic Diamonds Will Always Depreciate

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it – synthetic diamonds, which can do what mother nature has done in a few hours versus billions of years, are not going to be worth more than the sticker price after you walk out the door. While real loose diamonds will rise in value according to all the trends of the economy – a synthetic diamond will stay the same old price. In fact, a lot of synthetic diamonds will actually depreciate.


Get An Independent Grading Report

When you are purchasing a diamond from a seller, you always want to get an independent grading report. You just never know if a seller’s grading report is accurate, and you never know what you are getting for your money. With a GIA report, you will find out if the diamond has been treated, if its been filled or even if it is the size that the seller is promising you.

As you can see, some diamond sellers have tricks up their sleeve. Of course, transparency is always a blessing in the diamond industry, but not all sellers abide by this. In the end, it is up to you to do your due diligence and to make the necessary considerations.

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