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Do You Know What A Push Present Is?

Lately you may have heard talk about push presents, push gifts, or they are sometimes referred to as baby birth pieces. No matter what you call it, the symbolism is the same. A push present is a way for all those fathers to be out there to show their appreciation for their mothers to be. After all, only one of the two has to go through the trials of spending nine months carrying the child and coping with all of the morning sickness, weight gain, mood swings, and everything else that comes with being pregnant. Comparatively, designing or picking out a beautiful piece of jewelry to show your appreciation might not be nearly as difficult, and it certainly isn’t a life-changing experience, but it is a simple gesture to express gratitude for the sacrifice that his wife has made for the sake of the family.


The push present may be a relatively new phenomenon, but let’s face it, so is maternal leave, and the truth is that a new mother can never get enough love. There’s a number of different ways that you can show your love, and it never hurts to just ask your wife directly. That said, here are a few of the most common types of push presents.



Diamonds are by far the most common request that women have when asked what they want for their push present. This is often in the form of an eternity band, or a ring with the baby’s birthstone in the center and a diamond halo. This ring can be worn on any finger, and it can also be stacked with a woman’s engagement ring and wedding band. After all, the ring finger is for family, and the commitment you make to your baby is as sacred as the one that you make to each other.


Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is another great way to begin a baby birth piece, and charms can be added over the years. These charms can either symbolize different stages within the baby’s life, or they can be added as your family expands. Either way, this is a much more affordable way to show your love, and if it is reserved for one particular child, it can eventually be passed down to that child as a rite of passage. This could be done in a religious way, such as a mitzvah, quinceñera, or cotillion, or it could be a more secular celebration, like a sweet 16th birthday party.


Designer Watch

The symbolism of a designer watch is very precious because the pregnancy period is one where everyone is constantly counting down to the moment when you finally get to meet your baby. The watch certainly doesn’t need to come from a prestigious designer, but it definitely doesn’t hurt if you can afford it. Plus, a luxury watch is a jewelry piece that can easily be adjusted as she gains, and eventually loses all of the baby weight. What’s that you say, diamond bezel, oh yeah, no one ever complained about a diamond bezel.


Unwavering Support Is The Ultimate Push Present

At the end of the day, not everyone can afford to buy a push present for their mother to be, and that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fully invested in demonstrating their gratitude for her travails as a mother. That’s why, no matter what you may be able (or unable) to buy for her, there is no replacement for your unwavering support. This means making her meals, rubbing her feet, reading the baby books, scheduling doctors appointments, driving the car, changing diapers, and everything else that comes along with being a devoted parent. Because the one thing she needs more than anything is a solid partner to help her raise a happy, healthy child.

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