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The Importance Of Getting An Accurate Diamond Appraisal

The simple answer to why you want an accurate diamond appraisal is that you want to know that you are getting the most money for the diamond you are selling, or that you are getting the best deal for a diamond your are buying. Indeed, diamond appraisal is a key part of the diamond buying and selling process. There are also a few other reasons why getting an accurate diamond appraisal is so important. In the diamond industry, false appraisals are not uncommon.


You Need Proof That The Diamond Is Real

Of course, one of the most important reasons why you want an accurate diamond appraisal is because you want to know if the diamond is real. This seems pretty obvious, but if you don’t know anything about diamonds, could walk into a diamond retailer and walk away with a wildly expensive synthetic stone.


You Want To Get The Most For The Diamond You’re Selling

When you go to sell a diamond, you want to know the true value of the stone. An appraiser will be able to evaluate the diamond in a number of ways that will determine the true value of a diamond, but you don’t want to trust just any appraiser. If you simply walk into a diamond wholesaler or retailer and you trust the same person to both appraise and buy your diamond, you could get royally ripped off. You want to make sure that your diamond is GIA certified, so that you know you are getting a truly accurate appraisal. This may cost a bit more than some independent appraisers would charge, but you can rest assured knowing that you are going to the most trusted source in the world.


You Want To Know If You Are Getting The Best Deal 

When you are buying a diamond, you don’t want to wind up paying too much for the diamond, which is all too common in the diamond industry. You should never buy a diamond if it isn’t GIA or AGS certified. If a retailer tries to sell you a diamond that is much cheaper, but has similar specs according to certification from a less trusted lab, then there is a good chance that the lab they are using is one of the many that is guilty of overgrading.


You Want To Know The True Value For Insurance Purposes

Lastly, but certainly not least, you want to get your diamond appraised for the sake of getting your diamond ring insured. An accurate diamond appraisal will allow you to put down a correct value when taking out a policy. This may not exactly happen right after you purchase a diamond – you may inherit a diamond and want to get it insured. In the end, a diamond appraisal will give you a chance to know the value of your inherited diamond and it will give you the opportunity to get it insured for the most money.

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