How To Say I Love You With Jewelry

Everyone knows that jewelry is the type of gift that is just imbued with love. Lovers have been exchanging jeweled gifts since time immemorial, which means that there’s really something to it. However, it also means that there is a right way to do it and there’s a wrong way to do it. A gift of jewels is a very personal exchange, which means that there is no one piece that fits everyone’s tastes. Sure, there are lots of trends that go in and out of style, but if you want to give your partner something that really symbolizes your love, then it’s going to need to be something a little more unique. Something a little more original. Here is how to say ‘I love you’ with jewelry.

Know your metals

Before you buy something special for your loved one you’re going to need to know what kind of metal is preferred. Some people actually have allergies to different types of metals, so you definitely want to make sure you don’t buy a gift that your lover is allergic too. Usually the best way to tell is to observe what kinds of jewelry your partner already wears. Whether it be silver, gold, platinum, palladium or steel could be more or less obvious, but sometimes it isn’t. You definitely don’t want to buy someone a silver piece if they are accustomed to wearing white gold or platinum. If you are buying gold, you will usually only have to choose between 14 karat or 18 karat – if you are adhering to Western standards.


Know what kind of jewelry is desired

Some people love to wear earrings, while others hardly wear them at all. The same goes for just about every other type of jewelry. We all have our preferences, and those habits are usually a product of our lifestyles. You want to pay close attention to these things when you’re looking for a gift. If you’re looking for earrings, notice whether or not she tends to wear small studs or dangly earrings. Are you looking for something that will be worn on a daily basis, or something to be worn for special occasions? Knowing your loved one’s preference on that type of thing is exactly why this process is so delicate and personal.


Think about stones

The type of stone you choose is going to be all about the person and the occasion. If you’re buying a birthday gift, then you probably want to go incorporate your lover’s birthstone. It doesn’t have to be the only stone, but it should be the centerpiece. If you are buying an engagement ring, you actually want to start with the stone and then worry about the ring later. These days, a lot of men are proposing with a diamond solitaire and then couple will pick out the ring together. If you’re buying a gift for an anniversary, then the number of years you’ve been married usually has a prescribed stone, metal or theme that you should follow. If you’re just giving the gift to say “I love you,” then that is the ultimate gesture of love and you should just continue to follow your romantic instincts.


Think about timing

When you present such a grand gesture of a gift, you want to be sure that your timing is perfect. Let’s first talk about timing in the relationship, and then we’ll address the timing of your presentation. In regard to the relationship, you might want to start small and give yourself room to work up. An enormous diamond necklace may be welcome at just about any time, but it’s a very different thing when it’s given after a few years of marriage, versus after your first date. Even if money isn’t an issue, you want to keep things more personal, and less pretentious. When it comes time to present the gift, you should always find the perfect moment. Whether you plan a surprise or if you just plan for a quiet and romantic moment, you want to make sure that the event of opening the box is never rushed or awkward. It has to be savored.

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