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How To Safely Sell Diamonds Online

At this point, most of us have grown very accustomed to buying and selling products quite a bit online. However, selling a diamond online can still be very risky, and if you aren’t smart about it, you could definitely get ripped off. The last thing you want to do is try to sell it yourself using sites like Craigslist and eBay. You could easily fall prey to one of the many classic scams that these sites tend to harbor, or instead, you could use a fully insured online diamond brokerage business like North American Diamond Brokers that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Here is how to safely sell diamonds online.


Make sure your diamond has a GIA grading report

Every diamond should have a legitimate grading report that is issued by one of the leading diamond grading labs in the diamond industry. The most highly trusted and respected lab is the Gemological Institute of America, otherwise known as GIA. Your GIA report will give you a full and detailed report on the 4Cs of your diamond as well as several other factors that help to determine its value. With this information you can get a very clear and accurate appraisal on the worth of your stone. There’s also the option of obtaining a diamond dossier, which includes a microscopic laser inscription that links the diamond directly to its grading report. These days it’s impossible to sell diamonds safely without a GIA grading report.


You can sell diamonds using Multiple Listing Services

The MLS process is one of the best ways to put your diamond on the market to the widest base of diamond buyers. These listing services reach out to diamond dealers across the globe who are all looking for different, but specific types of diamonds. It’s only a matter of time before your diamond is found by someone who is very eager to acquire a stone with its particular specs. In our experience, you can realize anywhere between 25-50% more when you list your diamond using the MLS process. This is currently the most popular way to sell diamonds online.


Auction the diamond off to a diamond dealer

Each month some of the most serious diamond dealers in New York and Israel meet for live auctions where some of the most valuable stones exchange hands in the highest quantities. If you’re not in a huge hurry to sell your stone, you might want to wait until the next dealer auction. When you decide to go this route, we will do our best to get your diamond on the auction block so that it can be paraded in front of some of the heaviest hitters. You will even get to decide whether or not you are willing to let it go for its highest bid, or if you want to wait a little longer.

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