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How To Know If You Have An Antique Diamond

Dealing with a fake diamond is one thing, but how do you know if your diamond is antique or not? When you are purchasing a diamond engagement ring, you will want to know if the diamond or the engagement ring is actually antique or just based off of an antique design for a number of reasons. One of those reasons has to do with things like updating its mounting. Some antique diamonds may be more expensive to transfer to a new ring, mainly because the diamond has an antique cut. You may also want to know if you simply have a preference for antique diamonds – antique diamond rings have a unique beauty that can’t be replicated. There is also a problem with some antique diamonds not having much value. Here is how to know if a diamond is antique or not.

  1.  Culet. One of the first things to look for is a culet at the bottom of the diamond. Over a hundred years ago, most diamonds were cut by hand, with very primitive tools by today’s standards. If you notice a large culet on the bottom of the diamond, you are almost certainly dealing with an antique diamond.
  2. Examine the mounting. Looking at the mounting will also yield results. If you look at the mounting of the diamond under a loupe and notice any stamps or any date marks, you will have an idea of how old the diamond is. Of course, some diamonds are transferred to newer mounts, but it is much rarer the other way around. Most jewelers or diamond buyers aren’t placing new diamonds on antique mounts. In fact, a lot of antique mounts won’t hold a new diamond, and vice versa.
  3. Check for a girdle. The girdle exists between the crown and the pavilion. If you notice that the girdle is unpolished, the diamond is mostly likely from before 1940. After 1940, most diamonds have a polished girdle. Of course, a lot of people take antique diamonds and polish the girdle, so this method is not surefire, but it is a good tool to have nonetheless.
  4. Get the diamond appraised. On top of inspecting the diamond yourself, you want to take the stone to an appraiser for a professional opinion. There may be a few things you are missing. An appraiser will not only be able to tell you if the diamond is antique, the appraiser will also let you know how much it is worth. This knowledge can be important to have, especially if you are buying or selling the diamond and don’t want to get ripped off.
  5. Look at the table of the diamond. Looking at the table isn’t foolproof, but it can be a subsequent method to know if a diamond is antique or not. For the most part, an antique diamond will have a smaller table, which is at the very top of the diamond. In fact, some professionals can look at the top cut of a diamond and know exactly what era it is from.
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