How To Glamorously Wear Diamond Jewelry

If you look back at all the glamorous movie stars – Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. ­­– you will notice something quite striking: they all know how to wear diamond jewelry like they were born with it on.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons why some women don’t feel confident about wearing diamond jewelry is because they are afraid that they can’t pull it off – that it won’t look flattering. Truthfully, it is all about how you wear diamond jewelry that really matters. Here are some tips and tricks to wear diamond jewelry and look glamorous.

1. Wear your hair up if you are wearing diamond earrings

When it comes down to it, diamond earrings are often the most difficult piece of jewelry to wear. Not only do you want to show off your earrings – you also don’t want your hair to get tangled in them. The answer: wear your hair high in a classic, sophisticated updo. You want to show off your neckline and you want to let those diamonds sparkle on your ears for everyone to see.

2. A little black dress always goes pairs perfectly with diamonds

Instead of trying to match your outfit with your jewelry, you want to be sure to wear something neutral. If you have a great piece of diamond jewelry, your best bet is to go with black so that you can direct focus to your diamonds. Of course, one great piece of jewelry will suffice, but you can always get creative. Oftentimes, white gold and large carat diamonds look the best against black. Plus, black is the true color of glamour.

3. Match your diamonds with your eye shadow

A little known trick invented by fashion insiders is the idea of matching your eye shadow with your diamonds. This may seem crazy, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Of course, your eye shadow doesn’t need to be an exact color, but you want to get close. If you’re wearing standard, colorless diamonds and white gold, you want to incorporate white and silver tones on your eyes. If you are wearing yellow gold, you want to incorporate white and gold tones. If you are wearing fancy colored diamonds, you will definitely want to bring that vivid color out on your eyelids. This look is especially successful with jewelry that is above the neckline – and you can really knock out this look with diamond earrings.

4. Keep it minimal

It is important to be minimal and understated when you wear diamond jewelry. For instance, if you are wearing a big diamond ring, you want to make sure your diamond earrings are a little smaller. If you are wearing a large diamond necklace, you may not want to wear diamond earrings.  The idea is to not look like your diamond jewelry is weighing you down. If you look at any photograph of Elizabeth Taylor, her diamond jewelry is always in proportion.

5. Don’t carry a big purse

A mistake that many women make when wearing diamond jewelry is also carrying a big, flashy purse. This is a mistake, because it can be a huge distraction. To pull off wearing the perfect look, you’ll want to bring a clutch with you. Yes, it may be hard to cut down your daily or nightly essentials, but for the sake of fashion and wearing diamond jewelry glamorously, you should be willing to do absolutely anything.

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