How To Get The Best Diamond For Your Budget

So, you’ve found the one, you’ve thought of exactly how you want to pop the question, and you’ve drawn up your budget for a ring. Now, the big question is how to get the most bang for your buck.

While finding the perfect diamond may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, there’s plenty of tricks of the trade that can help you weed through the rubble and find the diamond you’re looking for – or more precisely, the diamond she’s looking for. No one said this process is easy, but you can easily search through tens of thousands of diamonds at and narrow in on the ideal diamond by utilizing the carat, cut, color and clarity toggles. As long as you get your 4 C’s in a row you’ll be in good shape.

Speaking of shape…

The first thing you need to do is determine what shape to look for. There are many factors that determine the price of a diamond and the shape is a huge deciding factor. Round diamonds are classic and their overall price stays pretty consistent, but other shapes often go in and out of fashion over time and thusly their prices can fluctuate. If you don’t know what shape she’d prefer and you don’t want to ruin the surprise, you can usually bet that she’s discussed it extensively with her closest friend. The other thing you need to consider is that a diamond’s size is measured by its weight, therefore two diamonds of equal weight could look very different in size if they are shaped differently. In the following video, Natalie explains everything you need to know about diamond shape. Once you decide on that much, you can build you can choose your color, clarity and carat weight in accordance with your budget.

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