How To Find The Wedding Location of Your Dreams

Choosing a location for your dream wedding doesn’t have to be an absolute nightmare. It can actually be fun! Who’d of thought? You just need to break things down a little bit. It’s easy to find yourself lost in a sea of endless beautiful locations without any idea of which direction to swim, so here’s a few questions you should ask yourself before you set the date.

Are you a believer?

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious, I know. But we have to start with the basics and work our way to the specifics. Ask yourself if you really want to get married in a church. Just because your parents did it, it doesn’t mean you have to as well. If you are looking to get hitched the old fashion way, a church (or any other religious building for that matter) isn’t the only way you have to do it. Keep your options open.


Are you an eloper?

If you want to avoid all the hassle of inviting your aunts aunts, your uncles uncles and your eighty-five cousins, you can always kill two birds with one stone and tick the honeymoon and the wedding day off the list in one fell swoop. It’s a great way to avoid a lot of stress and madness and can also make for a more intimate, personal experience for those involved. And remember, eloping doesn’t have to just be the two of you anymore, the “planned-elope” is becoming all the rage nowadays. Planning a mini beach wedding vacation with your closest family and friends is a nice way to keep the numbers down too!


Are you an outsider or an insider?

Now I mean this in two ways. Firstly, think outside the box a little. You don’t have to get hitched at the same old wedding venues as everybody else. Try looking on Airbnb for a dream home with a massive yard. You might find a location that is that extra bit special. Secondly, do you want an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding? This is a bigger question than you might think. I’ve been to weddings that have been rained off, and that’s just not fun for anyone. The outdoor wedding can be an absolute dream wedding, but beware the seasons! Make sure you set a location that has the potential for both outdoor and indoor. This could save you a lot of headaches in the long run.


Are you a millionaire?

Lastly, and most importantly, and I can’t stress this one enough: don’t over-spend! This is the one thing that seems to lead to a lot of stress, and ultimately, unhappiness when planning a wedding day. It’s okay to have a modest sized wedding. In fact, it’s more intimate, less showy, and a whole lot more fun!

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