How To Choose An Appraiser

  • Graduate Gemologist
  • Trained in valuation sciences, methodologies of diamond and jewelry appraisal
  • Member of one or more of the following associations: ASA, ISA, NAJA
  • Industry experience and skill
  • Sound reputation

For your convenience, NADB President and Founder David Bowie, has personally compiled a list of reputable appraisers. This list is based solely on merit. There may be more than one qualified appraiser listed in your area.

A number of organizations offer training courses to gemologists in valuation sciences. The three most respected are: The American Society of Appraisers(ASA), the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), and the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA). These organizations require their members to be assessed on a regular basis so the members remain up to date on the latest technologies and skills. A member appraiser is categorized depending on the level of education and professional experience. The members are also required to follow a code of ethics.


  • To know the exact worth of your jewelry
  • To adjust your insurance and stay protected
  • To feel confident in the quality of your valuables

As the prices of precious metals and gemstones fluctuate, NADB recommends that you get your jewelry appraised every four to five years to know the true value of your investment. Accordingly, you should adjust your insurance policy to remain protected in the unfortunate case of loss or theft of your loose diamonds and jewelry.

The value of a loose diamond might also vary depending on the function of the appraisal. Therefore, you must convey the purpose of the appraisal to your appraiser, be it for the purpose of sale, insurance, or to just know the current market price of your investment. Establishing the purpose of an appraisal is a prerequisite to an accurate appraisal report.

For more information about an expert appraiser in your area, contact NADB at (866) 994-6262If you are an appraiser and would like to be featured on, please contact us.