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Henri Daussi, JCK & Gen-Next Celebrate Rising Designer Talent

Any successful industry is built on collaboration rather than isolation, and nothing demonstrates this better than Henri Daussi, JCK  and Gen-Next coming together to celebrate rising jewelry design talent on the 26th of July.

Henri Daussi was founded over 60 years ago in Antwerp, Belgium by Henri Daussi Loots, grandfather to Jeff and Kristian Loots who run the business today. The Henri Daussi hallmark is a sign of exquisite design and impeccable craftsmanship and it’s still one of the leaders of the pack to this very day. Now with headquarters based in New York City, Henri Daussi jewelry is available only in the finest jewelry stores throughout the US and Canada.


JCK is truly the jewelry industry authority when it comes to news and style trends that impact the jewelry trade. Whether it’s about cutting edge technology and retail practices or if you’re just looking to stay on top of the hottest new products and fashion – JCK is really a one stop resource for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and designers. JCK brings together buyers and sellers by providing the best and freshest news and information about the jewelry industry and up and coming jewelry designers.


Gen-Next Jewelers aims to create a proactive environment featuring forward thinking jewelry professionals dedicated to celebrating and supporting new talent, new concepts and new business relationships.. The Gen-Next mission is to focus on the advancement and development of the next generation of jewelry industry professionals through education, mentoring, networking, innovation and philanthropic partnerships.


The event took place at the refinery rooftop in New York CIty and brought together some of the industries hottest new jewelry designers along with some of the industry’s established top dogs. Bringing the old and the new together to discuss the future of the industry is a great way to keep the comradery and collaborative nature of the jewelry design industry alive and well. Keep your eye out and your ears to the ground for similar future events that might be of benefit to you over at

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