Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

Great Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for second anniversary gift ideas for him or for her, the second year is traditionally all about cotton, but in recent years it is also celebrated with fine china. There are a number of contemporary and traditional second anniversary gift ideas for both sexes, so if you really want to make your anniversary special, here are some great second anniversary gift ideas.


Linens: Anything from embroidered his and hers towels, to Egyptian cotton sheets, or a nice plush bathrobe can be exchanged traditionally. Although, you can also give your spouse specialty items, like linen napkins, dish towels, a tapestry, a picnic blanket or a monogrammed handkerchief.


Clothes: If your spouse is particularly into fashion, a special clothing item is definitely in order. Anything from an incredible coat, to a suit, a cocktail dress or even lingerie. It’s not so important that the articles are 100% cotton, it’s more in the spirit of textiles and fashion in general.


Fine China

Dishware: Everything from a full set of china to a tea set or sake set is an acceptable way to go. You can also just have a commemorative plate or kettle made. Of course, a beautiful vase is never a bad way to go either. Just be sure to fill it with your spouse’s favorite flowers.


Jewelry: There are all kinds of jewelry pieces that you can find made from traditional fine china, for a classic feminine look. But there’s also jewelry you can buy for men. Buy your husband a nice set of china cufflinks for a look that never fails to be dapper.


You could go for one of these gift ideas, or you could put a few of them together. For example, you could have a special set of linen napkins and china napkin rings. Or you could buy your husband a nice suit with china cufflinks. However, it all depends on your budget and what your spouse would want the most. No matter what you decide to do, try to make it memorable!

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