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Great Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Each year that you are married deserves a celebration, but you also have to think about gifts, because each year also deserves a shared gift. You can no longer just look at league of legends accounts for sale
to buy your significant other. One of these accounts might do for a simple birthday, but your anniversary is so much more than that. Traditionally, each year has its own material. For instance, the second year is cotton, the third is leather and the fourth is fruit and flowers. The fifth year is exciting because it calls for wood. You may be thinking, “Wood, what could you possibly get your partner that is made out of wood and that is romantic at the same time?” You would actually be surprised. Here are some great fifth anniversary gifts.


A photograph printed on wood.

One great fifth anniversary gift – one that isn’t over the top, but is still extremely meaningful – is a photograph printed on a simple piece of wood. There are many companies that will actually print a photograph directly on the wood. You could even exchange the same gift so that both get a marriage keepsake. You could keep the photograph on your desk at work or simply have it hanging in your home.

A Watch

A watch can be a perfect gift as it can be for everyday use or just for the best occasions. They add more charm and maturity to an outfit. There are so many designs too so you can easily find one that caters to your partners tastes. I would suggest using this website: to find the perfect one.


A memory cube.

A memory cube is a great gift, because it maintains the tradition of a fifth anniversary wedding gift, and it will hold a lot of value. What exactly is a memory cube? – It’s basically a cube of carved wood – the better the wood, the more beautiful the gift – that has special memories and love notes carved into each side. You can go online and look for a company that specializes in this service or you could make the gift yourself.

A wooden key chain with an engraving.

If you don’t want to go the memory cube route, you could have some key chains made. Wooden chains with special engravings on them are a great gift because you can attach them to your keys. This is a gift that will go everywhere with you, which is rare for a gift. Most wedding anniversary gifts get stashed away. With this gift, you can immediately attach it to your home or car keys. Plus, you’ll have a reminder of your love everywhere you go.

A wooden candle holder.

Another great fifth anniversary gift is a candleholder. A candleholder is perfect because it connotes so much. If you get a scented candle for the holder, you can make your whole abode smell great. Indeed, there are a lot of retailers that sell wooden candle holders, but you may want to go online and have one custom made you, or you could find a vintage candle holder. Sometimes, vintage is the way to go because it offers a one-of-a-kind quality you can’t get with newer items.


A wooden post card.

On top of everything, you may want to give each other wooden postcards. There are many companies that sell wooden postcards that look just like paper postcards. Of course, you won’t have to send them in the mail, but sending it through the post to your spouse’s office could be extra romantic. In the end, wooden postcards are great, because it’s a wonderful novelty way to say I love you.

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