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Great 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

By the fourth year you’ve got a little experience under your belt with how to treat your anniversary. Even if you’ve put a ton of effort into years past, you can always improve. If you’ve made some mistakes in the past, this is your chance to surprise your spouse with something truly special. That’s because the fourth year is all about fruit and flowers. These sweet and colorful gifts are a symbol of of hope, creativity, freedom and fertility. If you haven’t started a family yet and are thinking you would like to, this is the perfect time to make that statement. Then again, if you don’t want to start a family, or you have just the right sized family already, you might want to go with the more modern trend of giving your spouse a new appliance. When it comes to gifts, these traditions couldn’t be any more different. Although, it gives you several options, especially if your spouse is hard to shop for. Here are some great 4th anniversary gift ideas.



If you have a knack for baking and your spouse has a favorite pie, you have a lot of options to choose from: apple pie, peach cobbler, lemon meringue, banana cream pie, cherry pie and key lime pie are all great choices. Then again, if your spouse likes to maintain a very healthy diet, you could buy a juicer and a large fruit basket. You could also buy a fruit bouquet full of fruit that are cut and shaped into the form of a flower arrangement. This way you can cover the fruit and flowers in one!



There are so many ways that you can present flowers rather than just a traditional bouquet. That said, you definitely want to get a large bouquet of your spouse’s favorite flowers. You could also buy some nice floral scented candles and cover the bedroom and the bathroom in rose petals. Then take a nice bath and pop open a bottle of champagne. You can’t have champagne without grapes, so this is another way to incorporate both fruit and flowers in your 4th anniversary gift. If you want to offer your partner something a little more lasting, you could have flowers planted in the garden, offer your lover a floral scented perfume, or better yet, pick out a beautiful piece of rose gold jewelry. There’s a million ways you can work with this theme, so let your imagination run wild.



While household appliances may not be the most romantic when it comes to 4th anniversary gift ideas, they sure are utilitarian. After all, if your spouse is a real coffee connoisseur, they will surely think of you every morning while they’re using the state-of-the-art coffee maker you bought them. You could also get a waffle maker and treat your spouse to breakfast in bed. Whatever you choose, you want to veer away from appliances that are used for cleaning – a cleaning appliance could really get you in trouble.

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