Going Up? Scientists Discover Technology for a Diamond Elevator to Space

The future is here – whether you like it or not – and it’s going to blow your mind. You may not think the future is here – because you still have to sit in traffic on the freeway and you can’t fly home on super sky-highways – but there are other technologies currently emerging that are just as mind blowing.

Just pull out your smartphone and ask Siri which planes are flying above your house (seriously ask, it’s insane). Now scientists say that that they have the technology to build an elevator to outer space – using one long diamond necklace as a cord.

planes overhead

Okay, it’s not really a diamond necklace, but thanks to advances in nanotechnology and the ability to build really small and complicated devices, scientists now believe that a space organization could use very small diamonds to string along a cord that would hold an elevator or craft that sends you literally out of this world. Imagine going on a date and a guy says he lives in a penthouse, but then he takes you to his floating man cave in outer space? You’d think: pssht, forget flying cars or any other earthly possession that is sold and marketed to impress the opposite sex!


It took a while to figure out what scientists were seeing in the lab, but after 18 months of working with benzene particles, they realized that this whole diamond elevator to space thing was totally possible and not crazy. It also assured a lot of spouses and significant others that their other half wasn’t losing it and going full Beautiful Mind. I mean, a crystal elevator to outer space? – You better have a good hypothesis, because all the other people who have proposed this idea in the last 100 years have been crazy nuts – like straightjacket crazy. 

The first person to come up with the idea of an elevator to space was Konstantin EduardovichKonstantinTsiolkovsky who lived on the outskirts of a tiny village in Russia – he was a recluse and apparently gave serious creep vibes to his fellow townsfolk. Now, though, a Japanese construction team – Obayashi ­– is actually in the process of building an elevator with the same diamond technology. The space station will be tethered to the equator by a string of carbon nanotechnology. The cord would be held taut by the earth’s centrifugal force. Robotic cars would take you to the space station and your trip would take approximately 7 days. Can you imagine that awkward elevator ride?

Of course, it’s going to take a while for the diamond elevator to space thing to take off, but there is some serious momentum. It could be that in the next 100 years there will be a race to build an elevator to space. There will be challenges of course, because everyone knows building an elevator to space on a string of diamonds is tough, but it is possible. Who knows, perhaps one day regular citizens may be able to take elevator trips to the stars. In the meantime, though, these diamond space elevators will be used as an affordable way to bring equipment to various space stations. Sounds pretty boring for now, but the future applications are indeed exciting.


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