Get The Best Price For Your Diamonds

Diamonds may be forever, but market prices are volatile. In the world of online diamond trading, buyers and sellers face the danger of dealing with unscrupulous traders. If you are looking to sell your diamond, it is safest and most profitable to sell your diamond through  a reputable diamond broker.

Why do you need a diamond grading report?

A Diamond Grading Report, is prepared by an independent third-party laboratory that verifies a diamond is genuine and provides an evaluation of a diamond’s characteristics. A diamond grading report contains a complete quality description of the diamond and includes information on shape, weight, color, cut, clarity, polish, proportions and overall finish.

This easily understood document verifies the quality of a loose diamond and allows non-experts to make educated diamond buying decision. If you want to buy or sell a diamond, the first thing you need is this report.

Sellers can begin the selling process by completing our online form. After this, one of our GIA-certified Graduate Gemologist will be in touch with you soon.  If you already have a current diamond grading report we should be able to provide you an estimate of an immediate cash price as well as a price you might receive in 30 to 90 days by taking advantage of our diamond marketing programs.  As a seller, you can choose to sell your diamond on the global market, and this is where you can realize the real value of your diamond. For instance, a diamond listed on the worldwide MLS database can get anywhere from 25 to 50 percent more than its price in the local market.


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