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Get The Best Ring Designs Customized For You With NADB

There are a million different engagement rings on the market that you can choose from, and you’re sure to find dozens that are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but that doesn’t always make a ring the best candidate for your finger. Not only might the ring be out of your budget, it could also be on the fingers of scores of other women by now. That’s why sometimes it’s best to design and customize your own engagement ring, so that it can be truly unique to you. This is oftentimes the best way to get the perfect ring for you and stay within a moderate budget. Here is how to get the best ring designs customized for you with North American Diamond Brokers.


Discover And Follow Your Favorite Designers

The first thing you want to do is start researching different designers so that you can find the ring designs that really speak to you. Feel free to let yourself venture into all kinds of designers, from independent minimalists to some of the luxury designers that are far out of reach. You want to remember that this is just the inspiration period, and you want to have a very broad source of influences. From there you can start to get a much clearer idea of what you like most from each of those designers and start to visualize your ideal ring.


Create A Pinboard For All Your Favorite Ring Designs

Once you have started following all of your favorite designers on social media and have a sense of what you like about them all, you can start to pin all the rings that you really like on your Pinterest page. Having a pinboard where you can look at a wide range of styles all at once is a great way to filter things down to the best of the best. Some ring designs may have the diamond halo that you’re looking for, while others may feature the diamond shape that you’re looking for. So you really want to include everything that appeals to you, even if there are a few caveats, because this is the best way to start mixing and matching.


Determine Your Budget

Now it’s time to really zero in on exactly how much you can afford to spend on your ring. In many cases, you may not be the one buying the ring, but you’re still going to need to know how much your fiancé will be able to afford. The standard that a lot of couples go by is three months pay, but that is really a very personal decision. This may be an awkward or uncomfortable conversation to have, but it is an inevitable one. In the very least, you need to get it down to a range.


Search For The Perfect Diamond

Once you know what your budget will be, you can start to search for the perfect diamond. You can use NADB’s diamond search tool to narrow down all of your specs and search through over 50,000 diamonds that are currently on the market. If you don’t know much about diamonds, we encourage you to educate yourself through our diamond education page. We make it easy for you to get the most valuable diamond possible for your budget. And if you’re ever confused about anything, we are always happy to answer all of your questions about diamonds and the factors that determine their value.


Use Our ‘Create Your Own Ring’ Page

Finally, you want to use our ‘create your own ring‘ page to start designing your ring. Whether you want us to recreate a design that you have already found, or if you want to design something completely unique, we can accommodate your every need. Just fill out the form and upload any relevant images, and we will promptly contact you to complete the order.

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