Georg Jensen Partners With Gemfields for Ruby, Emerald Collections

Some great news for those of you who love the green and red gemstone variety. Top Danish design house, Georg Jensen, has partnered up with the iconic gemstone miner, Gemfields, on a stunning new collection that features emeralds from Zambia and glistening rubies from their newly discovered Mozambique mine (in the town of Montepuez to be exact). Viviana Torun, the creator of some of Georg Jensen’s most exquisite pieces, has designed this range which includes their first high jewelry pieces such as the Runa Necklaces, which feature immaculate large emeralds set in gold.


Also featured in this stunning collection is Toruns reimagined and updated Dew Drop necklace and earrings in rose gold and featuring Gemfields famous Mozambique Rubies. There’s also a sculpted rose-gold bangle and a ring embedded with Gemfields Rubies, which is truly too beautiful for words.It has to be seen to be believed.


These modern, sophisticated designs showcase the diversity of Gemfields’ abilities as leading gemstone designers and represent an thrilling new direction for both brands. Georg Jensen was attracted not only to the beauty and rarity of the rubies and emeralds, but also to Gemfields’ socially responsible corporate values and ethos.


Georg Jensen is famous for approaching jewelry design from a unique and innovative perspective and has provided the world with some of it’s most gorgeous pieces in recent years. This new partnership between the two companies continues in Gemfields collaborative spirit and will certainly give their new Mozambique ruby a chance to shine once set against the backdrop of Georg Jensen’s illustrious designs.


And remember, one of Gemfields strongest assets is their promise of fair-market gemstones which are all certified as conflict free, so you can be sure you’re wearing an item that has trusted roots in the industry of responsibly sourced gemstones.

You’ll have to be quick as this is a limited edition collection. This exquisite jewelry will be available exclusively through Georg Jensen’s flagship boutiques, so why not head over to one of these stores and check it out for yourself. It really is too good to be missed.

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