Five Ways To Announce Your Engagement To The World

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of anyone’s life. However, it can be a challenge to actually announce the news of your engagement. If you went through a big complicated process to pop the question, don’t you think the announcement should also be really exciting? It should be. Here are five ways to announce to the world that you are engaged.

Think Of A Fun Way To Announce It On Social Media

Of course, there are a lot of really simple ways to announce your engagement on social media, like changing your status, but there are some creative ways. For instance, you could change your profile pic to an image of your diamond engagement ring. Moreover, you could include a funny slideshow of you and your partner – in the last picture you could include the engagement announcement. You could be holding up a sign, or your dog could be carrying something in his or her mouth. This is a great way to let the world know.


Take Out An Advertisement In Your Local Paper

If you have a bit of a budget – not that big of a budget – you may want to see if you can take out an ad in your local paper. You can simply design something on your computer and then send it in to be published. If you know that your friends and family read the same paper, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll see the ad, especially if it’s really big. A full page will usually do the trick. You can then look down at your phone and see all the text messages coming in.


Have A Surprise Engagement Party

Another way to announce your engagement to the world is to have a surprise engagement party. You can invite all of your friends over for a gathering and not tell them what it’s about. When everyone is loose and comfortable, you can break the news to all. This is a great way to tell a lot of people at once, and it’s a fun way. Plus, you can knock out the engagement party all in one punch. But you better start inviting people soon, especially if you want to fast track your wedding plans.


Send A Mass Work Email

Another way to announce your engagement is to send a mass email, or even a mass text. If you are comfortable with everyone at work, you can totally get away with it. This is a great way to announce it to your work friends without letting anyone down. Usually, there is one person that is really hurt when they find out they are the last to know.


Start A Guerrilla Campaign

On top of everything, you can start a guerrilla campaign. You may not want to spray graffiti on anything, but you can put up posters and flyers. If you are good at making posters, you can wheat paste them on designated flyer boards around the city. In the end, all you have to do is come up with some funny copy and you can include your names, and voilà! You’ve made your engagement known to everyone in your community.

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