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Five Things You Should Know About Celebrity Weddings And Engagement Rings

There is a good chance that if you are planning a wedding, you are pining over photographs of celebrity weddings and feeling pretty jealous. The truth is that you don’t need to have a celebrity sized wedding just to have an amazing wedding. This is why it can help to know a few things about celebrity wedding that will help lower your jealousy and put things into more perspective. Here are five things you should know about celebrity weddings and engagement rings.


Most Celebrities Have the Means To Spend A Lot On Their Engagement Rings

There is a good chance that you don’t have a few hundred thousand to throw down on a wedding ring or a designer engagement ring. This is why you see a lot of celebrities showing off their rings – because they want people to feel jealous. The truth is that you only need a minimum of a few thousand – depending on your budget – to really score on an engagement ring or wedding band.


Your Wedding Doesn’t Need To Be That Extravagant

When planning your wedding, you don’t need to spend millions to have an amazing time. Most celebrities spend millions because they don’t have the time, and they have the money, to put the planning process in someone else’s hands. Basically, the celebrity becomes a prop in his or her own wedding. Indeed, it can actually be more fun to plan your own wedding within a certain price range, and you can get resourceful. You don’t need to rent an entire sports stadium for your wedding – something much simpler and down to earth will do.


Most People Don’t Have That Many Friends

A lot of celebrities have the means to fly in people from all over the world. Plus, many of the people on the guest list aren’t even that close of friends. In most cases, having over a hundred people at your wedding can be a little much. Even if you aren’t a celebrity, you may need to hire security to keep everything in order, especially if you rented a nice dining hall or banquet hall. The last thing you want is to lose your deposit because your guests caused damages.


It’s One Night And You Don’t Have Anything To Prove

A wedding should be a celebration of your union with another person. You don’t need to go over the top. The last thing you want is to be in debt because you had to prove to the world that your wedding was the best. It is important to remember that your wedding will only be one night, which means that you want to keep everything realistic and down to earth. Plus, the more down to earth your wedding is, the more fun people will have. These days, most people are choosing to spend less on their weddings so that they can spend more on their engagement rings. After all, engagement rings last a lifetime, while weddings only last one night.


You Don’t Need To Worry About Paparazzi  

On top of everything, celebrities have to worry about paparazzi when planning their weddings, which is why they are often in secluded areas of the world, which cost a fortune to get to. These locations include private islands, secluded countrysides, and large estates. The benefit of being a civilian planning your wedding is that you don’t need to worry about invasive photogs getting into your wedding – all you need to worry about is making sure your hired wedding photographers get the right shots.

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