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Five Things No One Will Tell You About Bridal Accessories

One of the most oft under-looked and under-researched parts of the wedding planning process are the bride’s accessories. Most people have everything else down to a science – even the wedding centerpieces. However, you want to make sure that your accessories are planned in advance too, because if you simply whip something up last minute, it may not look that great and you may be left feeling self conscious. This is the last thing you want on your wedding day. Here are five things no one will tell you about bridal accessories.


Keep It Minimal – Minimal is Always Classier than Maximal

A lot of brides think that they have to go all out on their wedding day and most of the time this means going overboard with the accessories. Ideally, though, you want to keep the accessories to a minimum. For one thing, you don’t want a bunch of jewelry and other metal pieces to reflect and make you look like a glowing orb in all the wedding pictures. Moreover, you don’t want anything to hold you down – on the altar or on the dance floor.


Make Sure That You Match Your Veil

The truth of the matter is that not all wedding dresses will come with a veil. If you are going the traditional white wedding route, you may have to do a little bit of research to find the right veil. Indeed, some veils are made out of different materials and this may not work with the fabric of your wedding dress. Plus, it will help to do your research on various types of lace.


Your Hairstyle Is Just As Much An Accessory As Anything Else

When people do think of accessories, they don’t really think of the hair as being the ultimate accessory. Plus, if you are using a veil, you don’t want to make your hair too tall or wild. The best way to conquer your hair on your wedding day is to hire a hair stylist. If you have a talented friend, you can hire that person. However, you do want to have a good idea as to what you want your hair to look like, so having a mood board may help.


Stay Comfortable Depending On What Season It Is

If it is winter, you probably don’t want to wear anything that is too thin or not protective enough. Sure, you won’t have your wedding outside, but you may want to add gloves or some other accessory that will warm you up. Also, if it is summer, or warm out, you probably want to ditch the gloves. Indeed, bridal accessories can add to how comfortable you are on your wedding day.


Decide How Much You Want To Show Off

On top of everything, you want to decide if you want to reveal a lot or a little. If you want to show a little shoulder, you may want to alter your accessories accordingly – perhaps a shawl isn’t in order. In the end, though, if you do want to cover up and be a bit more modest, you could add on a few more bridal accessories – it is really all up to you.

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