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Five Red Flags That Let You Know He Isn’t Marriage Material

In a previous article, we explored some signs that he may pop the question, but just as important, you also want to know what some of the red flags are that he may not exactly be marriage material. The truth of the matter is that not all guys are marriage material. You may love him and he may be really nice, but if he doesn’t fit the full picture, you may get hurt later on down the line. Knowing what these red flags are is an important part of a healthy relationship, because you’ll want to know what to say when he does pop the question. Here are five red flags to look out for.

1. He has a job, but there is no room for growth.

Indeed, there are some jobs that allow for a lot of growth and room to move to the top. This is what you need in a partner – someone with a lot of momentum in their career; someone with a lot of gusto and ambition. If he doesn’t have any of this, you may be looking at a red flag.

2. He doesn’t want talk about kids.

If you want to have kids and he doesn’t, or vice versa, this may be a deal breaker. If you are thinking of spending your life with someone that doesn’t have the same aspirations to start a family, you may have to move on. It may be that he isn’t ready, but if you are, you need to look for someone who is as well. It may be that you need to look at little harder to find a guy who is marriage material, or you may just need to be the one who brings up the subject of family and whether or not you want one.

3. He proposes to you with a ring that doesn’t have a diamond.

A proposal should always come with a diamond ring. If he proposes with anything other than a diamond, you may want to reconsider things. Also, let’s hope that he does his research before he purchases the diamond. It doesn’t need to be an enormous rock, but it should fit in his price range and it should be certified. The last thing you want is a fake diamond sitting on your finger.

4. He is often dishonest.  Another big red flag is dishonesty.

If you notice that he is dishonest or doesn’t tell the whole truth, you may be dealing with something bigger than you can imagine. You definitely don’t want to get tied into a marriage with someone who has a problem telling the truth. Sure, you may be able to work on it, but people that are dishonest will continue having problems later on.

5. He is not willing to talk about marriage.

On top of everything, if you notice that he is unwilling to actually talk about marriage, you may be in a bit of a bind. While this may not be an absolute red flag, it is if you have been together and if you want to get married. In the end, you may want to have a heart-to-heart to see where his head is, because it may be that he is waiting for you to broach the subject.

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