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Five Celebrity Marriages That Have Actually Lasted

Everyone knows that a Hollywood marriage is usually shorter than a season of Downton Abbey. You’ve seen it all before: two celebrities are seen hanging out together, then they kiss at a bar and the next day they are married. It becomes tabloid fodder. Then the paparazzi descend and the next thing you know, the marriage has fallen apart. However, there are a handful of Hollywood marriages that have actually lasted a long time – a really long time. Exploring some of these relationships may even help you in your marriage. Here are five celebrity marriages that have actually lasted.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

These two are major stars and they are both still happily married, thus proving that love can last in tinsel town. The best part is that they have kids together who are all amazingly talented, just like their parents. Jada and Will have been together for nearly two and half decades after meeting at a party in 1990. What’s the secret of their long marriage? On many occasions, Smith has credited laughter and understanding for the longevity.


Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

This is another celebrity couple that has been together – through all the ups and downs – and has made it through to the other side. In fact, Rita and Tom have been together since 1985, which is right around the time that Tom got immensely famous. Even through all the pressure of getting used to fame, Tom and Rita held it together. What’s the secret of their marriage? In many instances, they have credited appreciation as a main source for their longevity – appreciating each other and their work.


Denzel Washington and Paulette Pearson Washington

This is another couple that have been through a lot together. They met in 1977 when Denzel was just starting off. Most celebrity marriages fizzle out around this time – not only from pressure, but also from temptation. Even though they met in 1977, they didn’t get married until 1982. This doesn’t discount the fact that they have been together for over thirty years. The secret to their marriage success? – According to sources, their marriage success has to do compromise and making sure each partner feels even, which is a critical ingredient in any relationship.


Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

Kevin and Kyra have been together since 1988 and they are both actors, which can be a volatile combo. Some actors can get a little hotheaded and stubborn, which is most likely why some marriages don’t last long at all. However, Kevin and Kyra have been together for multiple decades. The secret? – Apparently it’s the ability to balance your private life and public life, which can be difficult for celebrities.


Victoria and David Beckham

Sure, he’s one of the greatest soccer players, but he is also a great husband according to Victoria, formerly known as Posh Spice. The couple have been together for more than 15 years and for being so young, that may as well be a lifetime. What does it come down to for these two? – It’s probably the fact that they have so much fun together.

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