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Finding The Right Wedding Venue Without Losing Your Mind

One of the hardest things about planning your wedding is definitely finding the right wedding venue. There are a lot of places that look great in the photos, but feel cheesy in person. There are others that are gorgeous throughout, but the pricing isn’t included on the website and may be far out of your budget. And a lot of places are only somewhat affordable during the off-seasons. There’s a lot that you will need to do in order to get your wedding planned, orchestrated and paid for, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a struggle. Here is how to find the right wedding venue without losing your mind.


Set Your Budget

One of the most common mistakes that couples make when they try to plan their wedding is starting the venue search before setting a budget. They often assume that they need to start visiting venues and getting estimates as they go along is the best way to find out what’s within their budget, but this often leads to unnecessary disputes. Instead, it’s best to do some online research on the average amount that most people spend on wedding venues in your city. Then you want to get an idea of which options are the cheapest available options, which ones represent the mid range, and most importantly, which kinds of venues are completely out of your budget. You don’t want to waste your time visiting any of those places.


Decide How Big Your Wedding Will Be

You won’t be able to take a look at most wedding venues until you know roughly how many people will be in attendance. A lot of venues have several different options to choose from that are priced according to the sizes of the parties they accommodate. In some cases, the charm of a particular location might be what it takes to get you to downsize enough on your guest list to get that special ambiance you’ve always dreamed about.


Consider Surrounding Accommodations

Remember that when you’re choosing a venue, you’re not just choosing the place that will be best for holding the ceremony, but you also have to think about where everybody will stay in the surrounding area. If you’re on the fence about whether your should splurge on a very expensive venue, then you also want to consider how much you will be asking your guests to pay for their hotel rooms. If they don’t need hotel rooms, then that’s a different story.


Consider Travel

Not only do you want to think about how far you’re asking your guests to travel in order to get to your wedding ceremony, but you also want to think about the reception. Some wedding venues provide everything for both ceremony and reception. However, some people prefer to separate the wedding venue from the reception venue. This is often necessary for religious weddings that are exclusive to practicing members of the given faith. In most cases, though, it’s much easier if there is nowhere to travel between ceremony and reception.

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