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How To Find The Right Jewelry For Every Occasion

Finding the right outfit for a particular occasion is one thing, but accessorizing that outfit with the right jewelry is another. A piece of jewelry can make or break an outfit, so it’s important that you know exactly what you’re doing when you plan for any occasion. It doesn’t matter whether you start with the outfit and then pick the jewelry, or if you start with the jewelry and then pick the outfit – the important thing is that you know a few of the major dos and don’ts. Here is how to find the right jewelry for every occasion.


Casual & Understated

If you are going out and want to look well put together, but you don’t want to be overdressed, then you want to make sure that your accessories reflect that relaxed kind of vibe. Try keeping things dainty and understated. Your earrings shouldn’t dangle, your necklace should be delicate, and you want to avoid wearing any kinds of loud bracelets or rings. If you decide to wear a scooped neck or v-neck top, then you want to make sure that your necklace pendant falls around the center of your chest, or slightly lower. If your top does not scoop or cut very low, then your necklace should lay right around your collar bone, or go for a choker. Otherwise, you can wear a necklace with a long chain and a small pendant that falls around your belly button. Your necklace pendant should be small and your rings shouldn’t have any large stones or embellishments. Wearing just a few understated pieces will show that you thought about your look, but you didn’t over think it.


Semi-Formal Wear

If you are going out for a fun night on the town or dressing up for a classy daytime event, then you want to turn the volume up a little bit on your bling. Find earrings that match the colors in your outfit. They should dangle or climb up your ear, and more than anything, they should sparkle! If you have a matching necklace for your earrings, then you should definitely wear it. Diamonds always match diamonds, and pearls always match pearls, but colored stones also work, so long as they are the same color. If you do wear diamonds, stick to the smaller ones so that they don’t overshadow the rest of your outfit. Throw in a matching ring, and you’re good to go!


Formal Wear

Finally, if you are going out for a very special occasion, then it’s time to pull out the fine china, so to speak. Every woman should have a secret arsenal of fine jewelry that brings out her inner diva. In addition, you want to make sure that you have some kind of polishing cloth or solution so that you can bring that jewelry to its full sparkling potential every time that you wear it. In the past, mixing metals was strictly forbidden. If you wore one yellow gold piece, then wearing another white gold piece at the same time was a major faux pas. However, these days the rules have become a lot more relaxed. That said, you want to make sure that the choice makes sense when put into perspective with the rest of your ensemble.

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