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How To Find A Legitimate Diamond Wholesaler

In a previous article, we talked about diamond retailers masquerading as diamond wholesalers with false advertising and other gimmicks. However, we never really delved into where to find a diamond wholesaler. If you are a retailer, or perhaps you are interested in investing in diamonds, you will typically look for a diamond wholesaler. If you purchase diamonds at a retail price, it will be difficult to resell them at markup and make any profit at all. Fortunately finding a diamond wholesaler is easier than it seems.



Do Your Research Online

One great way to find a diamond wholesaler is to do your research online. You can look at forums, you can speak to diamond brokers and you perform simple good searches. The more you search, the deeper you will go, which will start yielding more and more results. When you have a decent amount of listings, you can start making phone calls and browsing ratings.


Utilize The Power Of Word Of Mouth

Another way to search for wholesale diamonds is through word of mouth. After you search for wholesale diamonds online, you will start meeting people in the diamond world. This is how you find the good stuff. Eventually you meet one great diamond broker that will know the industry even better. The truth of the matter is that finding a quality diamond broker is like entering a rabbit hole – the more you descend, the more you’ll learn.


Don’t Look In The Wrong Places

Of course, you don’t want to look in the wrong places. If a diamond wholesaler has bad ratings or diamonds that aren’t certified, you know you are in the wrong place.  However, some people go as far as Africa and the Middle East thinking that they will find extremely affordable wholesale diamonds. The truth is that the real diamond mines are locked and guarded. What you will find are tourists traps that have one intention: to take your money for low quality and sometimes fake diamonds.


Always Do Your Due Diligence

On top of everything, you want to do your due diligence when it comes to the diamond wholesaler. Not only do you want to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate business – you also want to make sure that you get a third party evaluation of the diamonds that you are buying. In the real world and on the world wide web, you will find an your share of scammers, but you will also find your fair share of legitimate diamond wholesalers too.

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