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Fall 2015: This Season’s Must Have Jewelry Trends

It’s not long until summer winds down and the leaves begin to brown. Fall is the most picturesque season of the year if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that really feels the seasons. The colors and the temperature evoke cozy and warm responses. You know that winter is on its way, so it’s time to make the most of the last days of perfect weather and get ready for the big hibernation. When it comes to choosing jewelry to match this mood, you have to think smart. Say goodbye to those big African-inspired necklaces and colorful stones, it’s time reel it in a little and embrace the warmer tones. Reds, browns, greens, yellows and oranges. Here’s some of this fall’s most popular jewelry trends.

Art Deco

Get a little classy with the classic art deco look this fall. A nice art deco necklace really works wonders in the Autumnal months. Art Deco design famously began in France after World War I and rapidly influenced the world of art and design. By the 1920s the world was Art Deco crazy. Never since have we seen such a design craze spread so fast and so far. It encompassed cars, furniture, architecture and of course it became one of the most formidable jewelry trends. So head to your local antique store and start sifting through the vintage pieces they have, or dig through your mother’s jewelry box and embrace the old ways for a few months. 


Return of the Brooch

The brooch has virtually disappeared off of the face of the earth in recent years, but it’s finally making its well deserved comeback this fall. Expect to be seeing a lot of big bold brooches, some of which will have a little vintage appeal, others will appear to be straight from the future. The rule when wearing a brooch? The bigger and bolder, the better.



The choker is another item that hasn’t been too popular of late, but again, it’ll be returning as the summer turns to Autumn and the leaves begin to crispen. Expect to see some dazzling diamond chokers alongside some very linear, very strong and simple designs.



the two-earring symmetrical look is so last year. This fall is all about the lopsided, asymmetrical, slightly wonky one-earring look. It might sound a little ridiculous, but it’s all the rage this season. Don’t be afraid to stack multiple earrings, one on top of the other, all on the same side. The more the merrier.


Long chain

The long chain has been “in” since the early seventies. The classic pendant style was more popular among the bohemian at heart, but these days it’s being embraced by the aristocracy as well as the artists. Back then, you’d expect to see multiple necklaces layered upon each other. But this fall expect to see a lot of shimmering silver and gold chains with single delicate pendants dangling with dazzling diamonds.

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